Welcome to the Playroom! 

In Spring of 2016, my colleague and I opened a large Playroom office at 406 Mission Street, Suite C, in Santa Cruz. A lot of intensive psychotherapy, Inner Child Healing Retreats, classes and play therapy with adults occurred in this space, and I am so grateful for how it served us! In May of 2019, we moved the Playroom to Ocean Street. We wanted an accessible space for everyone to be able to come, with an indoor waiting space and bathroom close by. We found it! The Ocean Street Playroom is clean, bright and ready to support your work.

Does Play Therapy really help?

Yes, play therapy can allow a child to resolve inner psychological conflicts and trauma, whether those issues are conscious or not. Children can regain their sense of self, find their power, rediscover joy, trust again, and settle into their truth via play therapy.

How does Play Therapy help?

Play is the language of the child. It is how children make sense of their experiences, urges, relationships, traumas and passions. When a child is struggling with something, they can show it in a variety of ways:  anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms, physical symptoms such as stomach-aches,  anger towards self or others, "acting-out" at home and/or school, separation anxiety, fears and obsessions, for example. Children may exhibit repetitive play or other worrisome behavior. This is the child's way of communicating that there is something wrong. Play therapy creates a safe setting for a child to show the therapist what is "wrong", and then the skilled play therapist can facilitate the working through of the problem. I have been doing experiential play therapy with children for over 15 years as well as counseling children, adolescents and families for more than 20 years. 

Can Adults do Play Therapy?

Yes! I am creating a new modality:  Integrated Play Therapy for Adults. Read about it here.



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