In 1994, I found myself (age 21) working with juvenile delinquents who were about my age and sometimes larger than my size. I learned about being consistent and real...and I have been loving working with children and teens ever since.

With children, I often employ Experiential Play Therapy at the Playroom office. You can read about Experiential Play Therapy by viewing a slideshare here.

With adolescents, the relationship between the therapist and client is key. I do most of the listening, and help teenagers sort out their problems utilizing their own wisdom. I have worked with teenagers with:  anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relational problems, low self-esteem, identity questions, grief and loss, and family problems.

Children and adolescents are part of a family system, and I address the system as needed on a case by case basis. This sometimes means parent consult meetings, phone calls or family therapy sessions.